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Use these links wisely young grasshopper...  Home of the Flat Earth Society.  Need I say more?  Want to prove that God exists?  Ever wonder what really separates us from the animals (besides the ability to operate a lawn mower)?  Well, centuries before you worried your pretty little head over these things, the late great St. Thomas Aquinas had the answers.  Before he died in the 13th century, he was thoughtful enough to create this website so you could check it out.  And tell 'em St. Tom sent you.  This site allows you to test how fast your internet connection is, and then compares it to other connections worldwide.  Not to brag, but my connection is rated Fantastic  Besides sucking up your hard earned taxes into that black hole known as Washington D.C., the federal government has a variety of other semi-useful functions.  One of them is enforcing copyright laws.  Since this site is created by the governement (approximate cost: $228 million), it should be the first and final authority should you have any questions about copyright law.  An always reliable site for all your gaming questions.  A good place to find game reviews, FAQs and whatnot.  They have a bunch of ads that tend to get in the way, but there is enough good stuff there to make it worth your while.  All shows eventually reach a point where they have run out of new ideas.  Some are nice enough to go out quietly, while others limp on season after season.  This website is dedicated to when shows reach the point where it's all downhill from there.  Neoseeker is yet another place to find gaming content.  For those of us with dialup, the pages load up very quickly, making it one of my favorite sites.  This is home to the Goldfish Sanctuary, "dedicated to the humane treatment of fish everywhere."  Instead of flushing little Wiggles down the toilet at the first sign of trouble, you can learn basic goldfish care.  There is even an "emergency checklist" should you find the task of keeping your goldfish alive on your own too demanding.  This site claims to sell land on the moon.  Although this may or may not be legal, I'm sure the official looking certificate you get will wow the judge in Moon Court should a dispute arise.  No, its not one of those sites featuring autopsy photos or people having relations with various barnyard animals.  Instead, its a rather offbeat site featuring a host of quasi-legal goodness.  From the same country who brought us the Mini comes a site selling acutal military tanks.  For those who enjoy the ultimate off road vehicles...  Wonder what your stats are on America's Army?  TrAAcker allows you to search any player or clan's record and see what their average ping is, what maps they like to play, and a host of other cool things.  A truly horriflying site in almost every way imaginable.  From the dancing pigs to the Loony Toons personality indicator to the dog haikus, the cuteness the eminates from this page can kill a man a 50 paces.  Don't say I didn't warn you...

Whether you found a cool link, or want to shamelessly leach off this site's popularity by submitting your own site, I'm open to ideas.  Drop me a line at and I will consider your site (no guarantees).